Palo Santo is one of the mystical trees that grow in the coast parts of South America. The tree is related to Myrrh, Copal and Frankincense. In Spanish, Palo Santo means “The Holy Wood”. The tree is part of a citrus family, and it has the sweet notes of mint, lemon and pine. The use of Palo Santo oil is regarded highly by shamans who have used the tree for some years thanks to its powerful healing properties that are similar to sage. The Incas also use Palo Santo during rituals and spiritual ceremonies to purify and cleanse negative energies.

Uses of Palo Santo oil

1. Detoxifier and Immune Enhancerfhdjfjdfgdgfg

Palo Santo oil helps in supporting the immune system. It also turns off the inflammatory responses from things such as a poor diet, stress, pollution and illness. Also, the oil is also great for calming the nervous system as well as recovering faster from chronic fatigue syndrome, illness or emotional pain.

2. De-Stressor and Relaxant

Considered an oil that is centering and grounding, both frankincense and Palo Santo oils are used for spiritual and emotional support since they usually work like the natural anxiety remedies. Once inhaled, the Palo Santo oil travels directly via the olfactory system of the brain where the oil helps to turn on the relaxation responses of the body. It also reduces panic, insomnia and anxiety.

3. Headache Treatment

Known to combat bad moods or stress-related headaches and migraines, Palo Santo aids in lowering inflammation and also increases the blood flow. This in turn helps to turn off any perceived pain.

4. Cold or Flu Treatment

Palo Santo oil is known to fight viruses and infections that might leave you with flu or a cold. By improving the circulation of blood and recharging your levels of energy, the oil can help you to feel better quickly and also stop severity of the feelings of congestion, nausea and dizziness.

5. Joint and Muscle Pain Reducer

As a great way of naturally lowering pain from injuries, arthritis, back pain or chronic neck and sore muscles, the oil is an effective way of reducing joint pains. For a natural remedy for the muscle, joint and bone pain, the oil mixture is massaged into the skin till the oil is absorbed.

6. Bug/Mosquito Repellent

Historically, the Palo Santo sticks or wood chips were used as incense so as to keep off the mosquitoes. The wood chips, cones or sticks are burned in an incense burner for around 20 to 25 minutes. The Palo Santo oil can also be combined with water and then sprayed directly onto the skin or clothes so as keep of the mosquitoes.

7. Allergy Reducer

Due to its lowers inflammation and the response of the body to histamines, the oil has benefits of fighting digestive
issues, seasonal allergy symptoms and the asthma-related symptoms. The oil is normally taken as a dietary supplement for the natural allergy relief.

8. Household truyutyrtCleaner

Similar to cedar wood and clary sage essential oils, the Palo Santo also has cleansing effects that can reduce odors, viruses and bacteria within your home. The Palo Santo essential oil or woodchip incense can also be used in cleaning the air as well as surfaces within your home. It can also be used to prevent illnesses and contamination. A lot of people use the oil to purify their kitchens, bathrooms or appliances by diffusing this oil or running the oil through their household appliances.