Undoubtedly, tiled floors are a smart choice for any home. There are different types of tiles based on their textures, colors, and patterns. It is imperative to clean them appropriately to ensure that they look great at all times. Dirt sticks easily on tiles and stands out more that it does on floors or carpets. The grout is one of those areas where dirt tends to accumulate on a tiled floor. Since conventional cleaning methods are not effective, you need to invest in the best vacuum for tile floors to clear the mess.

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Not all vacuum cleaner are recommended for handling floors. Ideally, some features make some models better than others. If you are yet to buy a vacuum for your tiled floor, this article takes you through some pointers, which should influence your decision.

Type of tiles

The two main types of tiles in most homes are the glazed and quarry tiles. The former are good when it comes to keeping dirt away. On the other hand, quarry tiles are harder to clean, As such, someone with a floor made from quarry tiles should invest in more and better house cleaning appliances to get the job done.

Power rating

Vacuum cleaners are rated and classified differently. When it comes to cleaning tiled floors, one does not need a brush roll to strip dirt away. Instead, you need to look for a powerful model that can reach out to dirt embedded into those deep grouts.

Design and size

A good vacuum, the cleaner should not be too large or bulky. The unit chosen should be lightweight but with adequate power to attend to your cleaning needs. This consideration is particularly important if you use the cleaner to clean a multi-storey building.


As you consider the weight and power, you should also look at the maneuverability of the device. As such, you need to get a vacuum cleaner you can move easily and clean those hidden spots. Look at things like the type of wheels and presence of soft attachments.


The best vacuum cleaner should not be very costly you a lot. Being the best does not mean you should spend a fortune on it. In this regard, work with a budget and buy a unit that falls in the range you can comfortably manage.

Understanding What It Takes To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner For Tiled Floors