Cord-free drills allow you to operate a powerful electric drill without that disadvantage of being tied to a power plug. Compared to cable drills, cordless drills are more convenient since they accord you the freedom of movement.
Furthermore, cord free electric hand drill is time-saving and cost-effective because you will not be required to purchase any long cables once you have this drill. Therefore, here are top five features of a cord-free electric hand drill.


Hammer Action

Cord-free drills come with a hammer action. Hammer action is a pulsating mechanism that is intended to create ggfgfgfgffgfgfgfgfgmore momentum to the penetrating power of the drill. It achieves high energy by manipulating the chuck thousands of times every minute. Therefore, hammer action is meant to improve the drill`s ability penetrate all tough materials without much strain.

Cord-free drills allow you to reach areas such as; inside cupboards, under sinks, or up ladders. These areas need to be illuminated to make you work without visibility strain. Therefore, cord free drills have built-in LED work light that will illuminate all the difficult areas and ensure a trouble free construction or repair work.

Speed control

A cord-free drill gives you the ability to the speed by varying the power input. Capacity to change speed will allow you to choose the best rate depending on the type of material you are dealing with.
A tough material requires a high revolution rate while a soft one requires low revolution rate. Moreover, speed control boosts your accuracy when starting the drilling process because at this point you always need a low revolution rate that can allow for easy stabilization.

Spare battery pack

Apart from enjoying an extended battery life, a cord free hand drill gives the option to have an extra battery. The extra battery will be used in case the first runs out in the middle of a job.
Hence, the spare battery will help you save time since you won`t be required to stop your job due to a weak battery. A good cord free drill comes with two battery packs. Furthermore, it comes with a charger which can fully charge a battery in as little as half an hour.

High power rating

hghghghghgfgfggfA cord-free electric hand drill commonly has a power rating of approximately 24 volts. Voltage rating is directly proportional to the strength of the drill.
Hence, the high voltage rating of a cord-free drill allows it to penetrate tough materials quickly. Furthermore, it will allow you to complete all your drilling projects with less fatigue. Therefore, with a cord free hand drill, be sure to enjoy greater productivity and convenience.

Features of a Cord-Free Electric Hand Drill