The decision you make before the purchase of a hedge trimmer is very important. This is because the purchase of a good hedge trimmer has never been an easy task. There some things that you need to put into consideration like the power source. There only two types of power source, electric, and gas. Give your yard a close look before you search for which hedge trimmer to buy. Different factors are considered like larger yards, and big hedges will require more powerful hedge trimmers. Hedges next to the fence require short trimmers; this is easier to use in a tight space. During your search here are the main things to take into consideration.


ahjjhgfdfghDifferent hedge trimmers cost differently according to its efficiency. The cheapest hedge trimmers can cost a little as $30 which is more affordable, and it’s for simple jobs. The expensive hedge trimmer can go from $250 to over $500. This is the gas model trimmers; they are useful to the businesses and contractors. Furthermore, these gas trimmers are more expensive than electric models. The higher the cost, the higher the ability to trim efficiently. Things like a longer blade,higher-powered battery and faster charging time increase the cost and make bigger jobs easier.


The amount of power used to operate a hedge trimmer makes it powerful. What matters mostly in the power of a hedge trimmer is the power source. Gas hedge trimmers are more powerful than electric hedge trimmer. A higher voltage trimmer tackle harder jobs than those with lower voltage, which are mostly more affordable. Also, the amount of power you need is determined by the size of hedges you will be trimming.

Blade types

Hedge trimmers have different blade types. There are double sided hedge trimmers and single hedge. Also, you need to consider how far the blade teeth are apart from each other. The distance apart between the blade teeth affects how useful the trimmer. Single sided blade are safer and easier to use since you can keep the side with the blade away from you. While those people with experienced mostly use the double sided ones, it can speed up the trimming work for it can cut both sides at once.


Hedge trimmers are of different lengths. Longer make it easier to trim evenly though it is difficult to manage when working in a tight space. When one is new to trimming it is best to start with a short hedge trim since it is safer to use.


Heavier hedge models are harder to hold, and this can put down morale to the experienced users. The lighter are easier and safer to use; they are mostly best for those new to trimming.


awertytredrftIt is good for you to read the instructions of the manufacturer when buying a hedge trimmer. This helps you in the maintenance of the hedge ensuring longer life of the hedge trimmer. You need to sharpen or replace the old blade with the new one with time. Check out hedge trimmer reviews for 2017 for more information.

What To Consider when buying a hedge trimmer
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